Collection: BOBBY TAYLO

Bobby Taylo is a Filipino Bassist, who plays for various artists and Television program ASAP from the renowned TV station ABS-CBN. 

He started his professional career in 1985 after entering a sought after Session Live/Recording Musicianship under Monina and Jun Regalado's wing, performing in concerts and doing audio recordings after being a part of Kuh Ledesma and the Music & Magic band which also did well in gigs and concerts locally and abroad.

He also directed a couple of musicals shows under ABS-CBN in 1987, namely Lot's a Catch, and Always Snooky.

He has also performed as a folksinger alongside notable Filipino artists, these include Freddie Aguilar, Roy Donato, Len Bucks, Soy Angeles, and a lot more.

He has alot of overseas performances under his belt playing for various artists as a session bassist.

He also represents brands such as Elegee Custom Basses, Leo Fender's G&L Basses, La Bella Music Strings, i-Gig Cases, and JCraft Guitars.