Mick Quiñones is a versatile guitarist known for their signature chug sound. With a self-taught background and a passion for music, Mick's skills extend beyond guitar playing. They are a multi-instrumentalist proficient in guitar, keyboards, drums, and bass, allowing them to contribute creatively across different musical domains.

Mick a lead and rhythm guitarist of Weatherveins and Sacred Ground, draws inspiration from diverse influences spanning genres such as pop punk, alternative metal, nu metal, post grunge, and post hardcore. They constantly explore and experiment with different musical styles, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of their artistic expression. Mick's preferred tuning of drop C# adds depth and richness to their sound, contributing to their distinct sonic identity.

As a featured artist, Mick Quiñones serves as a source of inspiration through their unique style, fearless musical exploration, and ability to create captivating performances.