Trisera (Bio)


Nico Alfaro Guitars and Vocals for Trisera Main

Genre: New Wave / OPM / Alternative

Label: Unsigned

Have a blast from the past by listening to the music of Trisera, a trio new wave band in Angeles City Pampanga spearheaded by their guitarist/vocalist Nico Alfaro. The three piece band was formed in (year), playing various covers from classic new wave hits and OPM covers. New wave music used as a catch-all for the various styles of music, which is later consensus favored "new wave" as an umbrella term involving many popular music styles of the era, including power pop, synth-pop, ska revival, and more specific forms of punk rock that were less abrasive.

The band consists of Nico Alfaro on guitars and vocals, Christopher Dela Cruz on Bass and Peter Evangelista on drums. Showcase their music from big events, popular hot spots in the city, hotels and within the metro. Behind the energetic sound lighthearted, and humorous tones that people enjoy throughout every set, are produced by three creative musicians.

It sounds like a huge challenge to blast the distinctive tones, beats, synths and vocals. But for the band, creating such new wave covers and soon, original music, is a breeze. Using the latest technology in music, plus the high quality tones of their axes.

Nico Alfaro was known for playing with his signature "No Keyboards, No Problem" method. Using Synthesizer guitar pedals, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Modulations and good quality driven guitar pedals, he will make the band sounds like they're accompanied by additional instruments.

The band's performance is something that we don't see everyday, music from Sting and The Police, Tears for Fears, The Smiths, The Cure and other known bands from the past, played by a three piece band.

Nico Alfaro has been using JCraft Guitars since 2020, his first guitar was a (Astrid) T1 Telecaster as his maine axe. Followed by (Neko) most awaited (jazz master prototype). JCraft guitars has been a part of his professional career with his band.

A gig won't be complete without the bluesy tones from (Strat), the spank from (Telecaster), the grits from G1 Prototype and now from the grooves from the new Jazzmaster

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Also watch out for the release of their original music.


57 20th Ave Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

(63) 917-107-8128