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JCraft LTX Drive High Gain Distortion

JCraft LTX Drive High Gain Distortion

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The JCraft LTX Drive is a harmonically rich distortion pedal that can go from smooth overdriven tones, to crunchy rhythms to high gain searing leads.  This pedal can take you from 80’s hair metal to modern progressive metal in one pedal platform.

The LTX Drive is proudly designed in collaboration with PedalPimps, a Philippines-based boutique guitar pedal designer.  It was designed based on a multi-gain stage circuit architecture used by many other pedals that emulate Marshall, Bogner, Mesa Boogie and other high gain distortions.   The magic of this pedal lies on the JFET transistors that delivers a tube-like feel, and a specially tuned EQ with a noise reduction circuit that gives this pedal its unique tone.

The JFET transistors gives the LTX Drive nuances, dynamics and a super tight response.  High headroom output level works well with your guitar’s volume knob, allowing you to play with a lot of dynamics and control.

The drive control has a wide sweep, going from a light crunch to face melting distortion.

Easily dial the tone you want with the responsive equalizer controls. Low control adjusts the resonance for a fatter bottom end, while the mid control puts the upper registers more into focus. The high control adds presence for more brilliance and clarity.

Easily get tight rhythmic chugging with the internal noise reduction circuit
for less hiss and noise at higher gain settings. (NOTE:  this is not a noise gate)

True Bypass switching, allows your signal to go straight through without any signal loss when the pedal is bypassed. 

Controls: LEVEL, DRIVE, LOW, MID, and HIGH.

Input: DC 9v-18v (center negative)

Battery not included

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