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JCraft Modern Series S-3H FR24 HSS Double Locking Electric Guitar Wilkinson "Floyd" - Metallic Silver Maple

JCraft Modern Series S-3H FR24 HSS Double Locking Electric Guitar Wilkinson "Floyd" - Metallic Silver Maple

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JCraft S-3H FR24 Modern 2022

The S-3H FR24 Modern is JCraft's foray to test the boundaries of what an S style guitar can offer.  Many have requested for a 24 fret "Floyd Rose" double-locking guitar.  It took us a while to offer this because many cheap licensed "Floyd Rose" systems are not very good.  So we partnered with Wilkinson to equip the S-3H FR24 with a high quality WODL1 double-locking bridge to ensure tuning stability.  The result is a high-performing HSS guitar.

Designing a 24-fret S-style guitar is not easy because the classic body is best suited only for 22-frets.  Simply extending the fretboard to 24 will make the frets inaccessible.  To implement a 24-fret guitar that has full access, we made a 24-fret neck and move the bridge upwards to still keep the 25.5" scale length.  This results into an unusual geometry on pictures, but when you see it in person and play it, the difference won't be as stark.  This conversion from 22 fret geometry to 24 frets can also be seen on PRS guitars, where the lower bout top looks a bit bulky on the Custom 24 vs. the Custom 22. 

To retain the versatility of the S-3H FR24, we have chosen to equip it with the same pickups as the S-3H.  The bridge pickup is a JCraft Big Guns 50's Alnico Humbucker for that warm vintage sound that can also rock hard.  It is paired with JCraft Clear Cat Middle Pickup and Manhattan low output Alnico pickups for that unmistakable strat tone.  Combined as HSS, these pickups gives the guitar versatility to tackle many genres. 

As with most JCraft guitars, the S-3H FR24 Modern is made with Poplar body which has been used on many popular guitar models which is a great alternative to Alder. but is more affordable.  The neck of the S-3H FR24 is maple with Laurel wood fingerboard - a similar tonewood to rosewood, only with a darker shade.  The silver variant of the S-3H FR24 has maple fingerboard.  Like the S-3H, it also has a 14" radius for better playability, especially when shredding on 24 frets with a double locking tremolo.

The S-3H FR24 comes in different body and and hardware color to match your style.  With it's exceptional craftsmanship, quality components and affordable price, you can't go wrong with the S-3H Modern!


Specifications S-3H FR24 Laurel S-3H FR24 Maple S-3H FR 24 Flamed
Body Material Solid Poplar, 43mm body w/ Flamed Veneer
Average Weight 3.6kg   / 7.9lbs
Body Finish High Gloss
Body Colors Olympic White
Metallic Silver
Blue Burst
Pickguard Colors 3-ply Black 3-ply White  3-Ply Parchment
Bridge Wilkinson WODL1 Double Locking
Big Sustain Block, Pop-in Trem Arm
Pickups Jcraft Big Guns '50s Alnico Bridge Pickup
JCraft Clear Cat Alnico Middle Pickup
JCraft Manhattan Alnico Neck Pickup
Electronics Master Volume (500k Linear Taper)
Neck Pickup Tone 1 (500k Audio Taper)
Middle Pickup Tone 2 (500k Audio Taper)
Standard Direct No Tone Bridge Pickup
Standard 5-way switch
Pickup Covers
Pickup Routing Swimming Pool route
Neck Material Maple / Gloss
Neck Profile Modern C
Fingerboard Material
Fingerboard Radius 14"
Fret Size Vintage Medium
Number of Frets 24
Nut Width 42mm
Nut Material Locking Nut
Side dot markers Yes
Truss Rod Dual Action
Truss Rod Access Headstock
Tuners Der Jung Vintage Tuners

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